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Mar 142011

Trend setters in society are usually fashion models and movie stars. Everybody follows their style through magazines and movies and aspires to be dressed and made up like them. When they sport pencil thin eyebrows, all the women do to. When they change the fashion to thicker eyebrows, then it becomes difficult to grow them back to their original thick shape as eyebrow hair is the slowest growing hair in the body. It takes about two months to grow back to its previous length.

Daily use of makeup and makeup removers harms the hair follicles. Plucking and shaving the eyebrow over a long period of time also has a detrimental effect. Some other factors like poor diet and menopause cause thinning of the eyebrow and are also responsible for slow growth of the hair.

When wanting to grow the eyebrows, the first consideration is eating a well balanced diet which is rich in protein. This will help in quicker hair growth. Leave the hair untouched till it grows back fully. It is tempting to pull out a few hairs to shape the eyebrow but it should be resisted. This action will slow down the growth and inadvertently you may pull out more hair than necessary and be back to square one. Patience is a great virtue in this case.

Some people advise the use of ludicrous products to promote hair growth and offer them at high prices. Do not become prey to their marketing. It is better to try out cheaper products to lubricate your eyebrows to help them grow. Castor and olive oil are two good choices to grow eyebrows darker and thicker naturally. They may take some time to bring about a change but they are safe.

Minoxidil solution and retinoic acid can be used to repair the hair follicles. They work by enlarging the hair follicle so that a thick and healthy hair can grow from it. These medicines can be used by gentle application with cotton wool and then covered with petroleum jelly.

A drastic method is to go in for cosmetic surgery to transplant hair from the head to the eyebrow. This procedure may take a couple of months. This will vary according to the number of hair to be transplanted. A natural eyebrow is formed by introducing black pigment in the skin. Then the hair is transplanted. The time taken to heal is about two months.

It is best to maintain a healthy life style, abstaining from smoking and drinking and let nature regenerate the hair in your eyebrow.