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May 162011

When you have the tendency to accumulate fat, it will start depositing on a particular part of your body first. Thereafter, if you do not take proper care, it will begin to spread to other parts of body. The most vulnerable parts of the body which grow out of proportion first are belly, buttocks, breast area and face. Accumulation of fat is not a healthy sign as it is the cause of many diseases like heart problem, high blood pressure and diabetes.

To maintain a healthy life style, it is essential to exercise proper control on the weight and body structure. Eating healthy and fat free food is the first requirement for a healthy body. In addition some regular exercise is also necessary for fitness. You will need to control your diet and follow a regular exercise regime to trim your belly size and avoid further accumulation of fat. Some of the exercises which can be practiced regularly for at least thirty minutes a day include:

  • Jogging is a good exercise to tone up the whole body. You should go jogging in clean and cool air. Do not jerk your body but take steps smoothly. To start with do not overstrain your body. Continue increasing the time and distance covered slowly. This exercise will help you burn your calories fast and appreciable result will be visible very soon.
  • Depending upon your age you can get involved in a number of outdoor activities, the best being skipping a rope. Starting at slow speed, you can increase the jumping speed. You can join some tennis group and play the game. You can also have an option of playing badminton or any other outdoor game available near your home and convenient to you.
  • Cycling is another very good exercise you can perform where ever you are located. You only need a cycle to go out. This can help you save on costly petrol and while doing exercise you can buy your groceries or vegetables for the kitchen.

Yogic exercises are very helpful in reducing your tummy size. Specific yogic exercises are there for specific parts of your body. You need to go to a yoga practitioner to start the season. Some of the yogic exercises to reduce your tummy are:

Lie flat on the floor with your stomach downwards. While keeping your hands straight and parallel to your body, try lifting one leg with knees straight and there after the other leg. Repeat five times with each leg. This will pull the muscles of both tummy and back,

Bhujangasana- While lying down straight as above, using your hands placed next to your chest, lift the body above waist. This will stretch your stomach muscles and help to will help.

Remember to be regular and keep proper control on your diet. Get a medical check for thyroid regularly.