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May 132009

rough-skin-feetMany women suffer have tough time with chapped and peeling skin in their feet. The reasons could be dry weather, walking barefoot or wearing sandals.  A good way to prevent rough feet is by having the feet covered all day i.e., wearing shoes or socks throughout the day.

One of the best means to get rid of rough feet is by using pumice stone.

There are many beauty pumice stones that come in all shapes and sizes but are expensive. There are normal ones available at hardware stores or cleaning section in general grocery stores are reasonable priced and are equally effective.

Pumice stones can be rubbed on dry or wet skin. Care  should be exercised while using on deeply cracked skin as it can be very painful. Its best to first to try out on dry feet as it would be easier to gauge amount of skin that would come out. The pumice stone should be gently rubbed backwards and forwards on the feet. The skin will automatically fall down and skin would start becoming smoother. It’s advisable to try a few minutes the first day and slowly increase the amount of time.

Next the feet should be soaked in soapy water for at least five minutes.  Then the feet should be washed with soap filled wash cloth. Again the pumice stone should be rubbed gently on the feet. If the foot is not very rough, then the effect will be seen immediately otherwise it would take time. The feet should be dried.

If going to bed after the above then a coat of petroleum jelly should be applied and should wear a old pair of socks to avoid the staining  the bed. If it’s not bedtime then non greasy oil should be applied and should wear the shoes.

Caution: For wet and dry feet, pumice stone should be rubbed very gently otherwise it would worsen the situation.