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skin-hair-removalSoft and smooth skin is aspiration of every woman. But it’s not easy to achieve this. All those who have this must be spending enormous amount of time on their body care. One of the means to get the skin soft and smooth is by removing unwanted hair. There are numerous techniques available to remove them. Some of these may be the best option for certain parts of the body while it may never to do option for other parts. It’s always good to know what to be used where before embarking on it.

This article lists the various techniques of hair removal and discusses the pros and cons of each of them:


Shaving is suitable for legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines. But it should be used for facial hair as it would make the hair grow darker and thicker. This is one of the cheapest methods of hair removal as razors are very reasonably priced and same razor can be reused until its sharpness fades off or gets rusted. A clean shave would last only for couple of days. To get a clean shave, razor should be moved against the growth of hair and the skin should be soaked in warm water and/or shaving gel for 3 to 5 minutes.


Waxing is suitable for legs, face, underarms and bikini area. The wax is applied on the skin and strip of cloth is pressed on it and pulled which will pull the hair as well. But the hair should be long enough to be pulled. Waxing’s effect lasts up to 6 weeks but its expensive, time consuming, requires maintenance and painful.


Creams can be used on most part of the body except near eyes, the mouth or any open areas. Its simplicity to use makes it an attractive option. It has be applied on the skin and after 10-15 minutes wiped with a cloth. Its effect lasts up to a week. It’s reasonably priced, painless and quick. It can cause skin irritation to a few people and some claim it’s only a skin softener and doesn’t break the hair growth from beneath.


Tweezing removes hair temporarily and needs takes a lot of time as only small amount hair can be pulled at each go. But it’s cheap as it requires only a tweezers which will be reused until it wears out.


Electrolysis removes hair permanently but very expensive. It costs a lot to remove a small loc of hair. It’s a good option for removing hair permanently from eyebrows or upper lip.

Laser hair removal is also very effective and being popular these days.


Bleaching doesn’t remove hair but conceals it. It changes the colour of the dark hair. Its good option if there is no time remove hair by other techniques. But it can cause skin burns or irritation especially if anti acne products are used.