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Dec 312009

anti aging skin creamEvery woman would love to remain young and beautiful. Today there a lots of anti-aging products available in the market that promise to revitalize the skin, remove the fine lines, wrinkles etc. But there a various factors to be considered before buying an anti- aging cream. There is plenty of information available on the internet which would help to choose a good anti aging cream.  Here are few most important factors to be considered while choosing anti aging cream.

Ingredients in the products: There are creams meant for preventing aging signs and some for masking them. If one is used instead of the other, then it wouldn’t yield the desired results. So the information regarding the ingredients and its use should be read carefully.

Certification of safety by accredited laboratories: The creams should be tested and certified as safe to use on human skin. Many creams come without real medical evidence but as marketing gimmick try to appear credible buy featuring doctors and nurses in their advertisements.

Specialty about the product: Many to be a “scientific breakthrough,” “secret ingredient or “exclusive product” but don’t actually say how different they are. They are wishy-washy on the use of the product and offer money back guarantees.

Side effects: Some of the products come with side effects while many don’t. But it’s always better to look for information regarding the side effects. Some dubious products don’t mention the potential side effects for the fear the people wouldn’t buy it. If you don’t satisfy with recommendations of certain products, then its better not to go for it.

Quantity to be used to get best results: Gather information on the quantity to be used and the frequency of use of the products so as to get best results. Some products provides very brief information regarding use and effectiveness.

Time taken for the results to show up: The results don’t usually start showing up the next day but it should start happening within a fixed time frame. Otherwise there is no use continuing with the product.

Duration of use- Life long or for a brief period: Check if the product has to be used life long or for brief period.

Other than creams, there are anti aging procedures like injection therapies, skin resurfacing procedures and surgery. But it’s better to go to a renowned or recommended physician and surgeon for consultations and treatment.

Whatever anti-ageing cream or treatment is used, precautions are very important. It’s always better to stay away from direct sunlight. If it can’t be avoided then sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or 30 as required must be used to avoid damage to the skin.