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Jul 232009

sunglasses-faceGone are the days when sunglasses were worn just to protect the eyes. Today they have become an important fashion accessory. The come in various shapes, sizes and colors in various price bands. When the correct sunglasses are worn, they can give a very stylish look. To identify the right sunglasses the shape of the glasses and the structure are the important consideration. Deciding on the shape of the face would help to narrow the glasses that would suit the face.

How to figure out your face shape?

Take a photo where the face is clearly visible and mark the prominent facial features such each cheek bone, outer edge of the eyebrow and each side of the jaw. Connecting these points will give a fair idea about the structure of the face.

Guide to choose glasses depending on the shape of the face

Oval: Most sunglasses look good on oval faces as they have high cheek bones and chins that are narrower than the forehead.  The ones that complement the eyebrows shape will look best on them.

Square: The best features of the square face are strong jaw, wide forehead, chin and cheekbones. Sunglasses that are heavy at the top preferably oval or round frames would help to lengthen the face and also highlight the best features.

Triangle: These people should wear glasses that minimize the width of the face and deter attention from the lower half of the face. Therefore, shades of solid colors like red and green should be avoided.

Inverted Triangle or heart shaped: These faces have wide forehead and long narrow chin. The sunglasses should draw attention to top half of the face and widen the rest of it. Colours like blue combined with frames that lie low on the temples would be ideal choice.

Round: Frames that have straight lines square or rectangular frames would suit round faces. They could be combined with black or brown shades for the face to appear slimmer and longer.

Diamond: As the diamond faces have small forehead, high cheekbone, narrow eyes and narrow jaw. The sunglasses should create a balance by widening the forehead and not highlight the cheekbone. Therefore round, straight or square frames would suit such faces.

Since the structure of the bones on the face cannot be changed. It’s best to highlight the best features by enhancing them by wearing the right kind of accessories such as sunglasses. So why not spend time by trying out all the sunglasses available in the market before choosing on one.