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Apr 082011

The effects of aging on skin are a cosmetic concern for people who are facing them. They try all sorts of remedies to keep their skin firm. When skin starts sagging around the eyes, it causes more concern as drooping skin of the eyelids sometimes interferes with vision. The skin hangs in front of the eyes, reducing the area of vision. This problem needs to be remedied.

As you approach middle age, it would be prudent to do some exercises to strengthen the muscles and to tighten the skin around the eyes. Start these exercises before the problem strikes. One of the exercises you could do is to raise your eyebrows. Then place a finger on each brow where you feel the bone. Slowly close your eyes. Your eyelids will experience a pull. Repeat this exercise a few times and do it daily.

You could use an anti aging eye cream on your eye lids. It should contain Vitamin E and copper peptides. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and improves the skin appearance as it helps to repair tissues. Copper peptides increase the formation of collagen which helps to make the skin firm. The area around the eyes is very delicate so make sure that the cream you use is safe for the eyes.

Radio waves are now used to treat drooping eyelids. They are used to heat up the eyelids and as the temperature of the skin increases, the collagen within the skin tightens. Also new collagen formation increases due to this process. Electro stimulation devices can also be used to shrink loose skin on eyelids.

The last resort is to go in for surgery to tighten skin on eyelids. The procedure is called blepharoplasty. In this surgery muscle, extra skin and fat around the eyelids is removed. The problem is resorted quickly and proper vision is restored.

Certain precautions can help all middle age people to prevent drooping eyelids. You should not rub your eyes unnecessarily. You should be very gentle around the eyes to prevent damage to the skin there. Drink plenty of water as hydration helps to keep skin in good shape. Chilled cucumber or potato slices can be placed on the eyes leave them for fifteen minutes and then remove them. The eyes will be refreshed. Cucumber juice can be applied to the areas around the eyes and on the eyelids. Let it dry and then wash with water. This will help to tighten the skin.