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May 122011

It is the desire of all women to have a slim and well proportioned body. This is the key to looking attractive and beautiful. To achieve this some women have to put in lot of efforts while others, due to the structure of their body, have just to maintain balance of diet and remain slim and fit.

Body structure depends upon a number of factors, the major being hereditary. Body shape is one of the things which you normally inherit from your parents. Body metabolism is another factor that has effects on the weight we carry. People with high metabolic rate often have thin structure and extra weight does not accumulate on them.

Still to stay slim without going in for harsh dieting or heavy exercise, you need to take care of the following simple steps:

  • Your diet should be rich in proteins. Proteins help increase metabolism and body dissolves fat for digestion of proteins. This is why it is said that if in a day you eat only a dozen boiled eggs without consuming even slightest quantity of fat or carbohydrates you can lose kilos in a day.
  • Start your day and meals with a lot of water. First thing in the morning after getting up, drink one or two glasses of water. In case of cold weather you can go in for a glass of warm water. Before meals drink a glass of water as this will help you feel full and reduce intake of calories. Remember soda drinks are not substitute for water. As far as possible go in for plain water.
  • Avoid fast food and junk food. These foods are very rich in fat, sugar and carbohydrates. These are added in abundance to make these foods tasty. It is always better to eat homemade food. While cooking food at home you ensure to cook it in a healthy manner controlling input of fat. With food, ensure to eat fresh vegetables as salad. This will help reduce intake of calories.
  • Keep strict timing for each meal. Never skip breakfast. Your breakfast should be filling. Eat plenty of food for lunch and keep your dinner light. Eat two or three hours before you sleep. Cut down on consumption of alcoholic drinks and fried stuff.
  • Go in for regular light exercise daily like morning walk or jogging are the best. Yoga exercises can help tone up each and every part of your body. After exercise remember not to stuff yourself.
  • Tea is good to reduce weight. Green tea is rich in catechins. These help control your weight. Make tea the way it should be made. Never boil tea in water for long. This will add caffeine to the drink.
  • Do not rush to finish your food. Eat slowly relishing and enjoying the food. This way the food will be digested well and give you proper nutrition.