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Mar 142011

To give attractive look to the eye line in particular and the face in general ladies do take a lot of care of eyebrows. To tweeze the eyebrows at home you need a proper tweezers, with tweezing ends properly aligned, tweezing astringent, eyebrow brush, a clean cotton towel, some ice if needed and numbing gel.

Though it is possible to tweeze one’s own hair but it will be better if you could avail the services of some other person may be your friend or sister. If you are doing it yourself stand before a mirror, if someone is doing for you better lie down in her lap so that she can handle you properly.

To decide the point from which the hairs are to be removed, take a pencil put it in vertical position so that it touches your nose at the broadest point. At the point the outer side of the pencil touch eyebrows, mark a point this is starting point of your eyebrows. After this keep the pencil in the horizontal position so that it is along with your eyes and touch your eyebrows. Mark this point this being the outer point of eyebrows. The eyebrows are to be made in the shape of an arc. To decide about the uppermost point of the arc look straight in the mirror opposite you. The point where your eyeball is, this is the uppermost point of the eyebrow.

Connecting these points you can mark the area outside which the hair is to be plucked and decide about the thickness of eyebrows. Dip the towel or the cotton ball in hot water and keep it on your eyebrows so that the skin become soft, this will take about five minutes.

Once done, again look at the outline drawn earlier and start plucking hair between the two brows. At a time pluck one hair with a rapid motion of hand. While plucking using the hand which is free stretch your skin with the help of thumb and one finger. This will make plucking easy. Once the area between the two eyebrows is clear of hair, pluck the rest of the eyebrow, continuing from inner end to outer end.

When done use the eyebrow brush to comb the hair, this should be done in the direction of growth of hair. If still some hair is seen outside the line, pluck them. Repeat the process on the other eyebrow. When both the eyebrows have been done apply some astringent with the help of cotton ball. If you see excessive redness at the points from which the hair have been plucked apply some ice before applying astringent. Repeat at short intervals.