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Breasts are an essential part of women beauty. A wholesome figure is what every conscious woman wants and drooping breasts are the sworn enemy of an attractive figure. Various factors are responsible for drooping breasts. One of the most common being the increase in age. Breasts are basically fatty tissues that lose their hold with the advancing age and hence sag down.

The breasts may also droop down because of pregnancy. Its common knowledge that breasts grow bigger and heavier in case of most of the pregnant women. The sagging tendency of the breasts also increases with the extra weight they put on. Similarly, some babies have an inclination towards pulling hard at the breasts while suckling milk. This habit if not checked can lead to permanent sag in the breasts.

Another reason is the action of gravity. Some women who have big breasts face this problem. The sheer weight of breasts makes them droop. Similarly, women who are desirous of increase in breast size through surgery should also be wary of the sagging problem. Sometimes, they get the breasts augmented so much that they become too big for the body to handle. This may also cause drooping.

With the advancement in medical science an altogether new branch called ‘cosmetic surgery’ has been making rapid strides as far as the treatment of drooping breasts is concerned. Today, you can get perfect-shaped breasts by the ‘breast uplift surgery’. In this surgery, first of all the nipple of the breast is brought at the correct position (i.e. somewhere at the centre of the breast). Afterwards, the tissues of the breast are brought in a corrected position. The skin that surrounds the breasts is also made tight so that breasts get a solid and toned look.

The whole of this procedure is completed in about 2-3 days. But the precautions that have to be taken afterwards prove to be a real headache for a lot of women. They have to give as much rest as possible to their chests as the newly toned muscles need considerable time to adjust. This period can be as long a 6-7 weeks.

Some women in addition to breast uplift surgery, opt for ‘breast augmentation surgery’ in order to give a new look to their breasts. In this surgery, the breasts are made bigger by the insertion of implants (like silicon implants etc.) in them. This procedure requires even more precautions.

It is also recommended that you undergo some kind of chest exercises if you are desirous of ‘breast uplift surgery’. This may help to tone your breasts a bit prior to the surgery. It’s much more useful as toned breasts are able to settle better on an improved chest and thus make the result of the surgery all the much better.

Therefore, shun every kind of dejection and gloom regarding the problem of sagging breasts from your mind. It’s very common occurrence with women and so is its successful cure.

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