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Jul 292009

linen-wearLinen is a designer friendly fabric and can be cut and styled to make any kind of clothes. It gets blended with other fabrics like cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibers to make trend setting dresses.

Fibers of flax plant are put together to make linen which makes it a natural fabric. Pure linen is known for its comfort and preferred in the warm weather. Most of the linen fabrics come from China but they are made and used in almost allover the world.

It’s been a popular fabric from time immemorial.  Ancient Egyptians had used it to wrap their mummies, Shroud of Turin (burial cloth of Jesus Christ) is made of linen. Today it’s used in dresses, tablecloths, napkins, curtains etc.

Formal wears, Evening wear, Casuals and almost all types of clothes are made of linen. It can be worn in all seasons. Linen trousers could be paired with cashmere sweater in the fall and with a silk blouse in spring. Simple accessories like scarf and pendant could be combined as well to a give a great look.

One of the drawbacks of the fabric is that it tends to wrinkle easily.  It needs to be packed with great care. These days linen is mixed with other fabrics to give wrinkle free clothes.

For non wrinkle free linen, while travelling care should be taken to be to ensure that it’s packed with great care. The sleeves of linen jackets and legs of the trousers should be stuffed with tissue paper. Each piece of the clothing should be packed in a plastic dry cleaner bag with as little fold as possible. At the destination, linen clothes should left hanging as long a possible. Travel iron should be remove the wrinkles and not travel steamer.

Linen clothes can be washed at home or dry cleaned. It best to go by the manufacturers instructions to ensure the clothes last long. Dry cleaning is always better for clothes as the dry cleaner would professional clean it and iron it as well.

If the linen cloth is washed and ironed at home then a hot iron should be used to remove the wrinkles. All ironing should be done on the wrong side of the fabric or through a cotton handkerchief to protect the fabric’s finish.  To save all this hassle, the clothes could be washed at home and give for professional ironing as well. Lastly, important point to be noted is to never use hot steamer on linen fabric.