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May 182011

The color red is very vibrant color. It is not used very often for eye shadow but it should be tried. It spells glamour and class and makes you stand apart from the crowd. If you are hesitant to use it because you have always used neutral shades of eye shadow, you can begin with a red-brown or red-grey color. Once you are comfortable with that, you could graduate to red color.

You have to apply red eye shadow with care because it is bound to draw attention to your eyes. If age is not on your side, go in for matte eye shadow. Don’t try a shimmery product as it will show up wrinkles more. As always, clean your face and moisturise it. A hydrated skin holds up makeup well and presents an attractive look. You can even spray some water on your face.

To apply red eye shadow, follow these steps-

  • Apply a good eye cream around the eyes especially near the lower and upper eyelid. Leave it for a few minutes so that it minimises eye bags and other flaws.
  • Cover up fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes using a concealer. Then apply foundation.
  • Apply eye primer from lash line to brow line. Allow it to be absorbed. Then apply a base. Use a thin brush so all areas of the eyelid are covered.
  • You can apply a combination of pink and red colors. Start by applying pink eye shadow near the lash line. Then mix pink and red shadow with a large brush and apply upwards to the rest of the eye lid.
  • Another way is to rim the eyes. Use a small angled brush to apply red eye shadow near the eye lashes. For a striking effect, apply till the crease of the eyelid. Smoothen and blend the edges.
  • If you want a dramatic effect, apply dark red color on the eyelash line and the top of the eye lid.
  • Use creamy black eyeliner to make a line near the eyelash line on the top eyelid. Smudge it into the top lash line. This will create a smoky effect.
  • Use the same liner on the bottom lash line but it should be only from the corner of the eye to half way on the eye.
  • Use a shear highlighter on the brow and inner corner of the eye.
  • If using during the day, just curl your eye lashes and use transparent mascara. For night time black mascara can be used.

Keep the makeup on your cheeks and lips understated or the effect will be overpowering and look inappropriate. You just need a little bit of courage and élan to carry off red eye shadow and you are sure to make heads turn.