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Oct 162010

In every relationship there are two facets which are of prime significance, one of them being time and the other, space. It is a fact that these two words have a very deep meaning which goes a long way to either make or break a relationship.

Time and space helps a relationship to bloom better than otherwise. It gives wings to it so that it can soar high up in the sky. It basically involves the imparting of both “time” and “space” in a relationship which when lost tends to spoil the game completely. Hence, be sure of respecting the rule and enjoy your life all the while.

Invading up on your partner’s privacy could be damaging for your relationship. Many a time you will notice how two people who get married and come to spend their entire life together, are unhappy. Despite having access to everything, they still don’t know why they are cribbing about each other. And that is when they need to give each other some time and space so as to get the lost charm of their marriage back. Never invade up on your partner’s privacy and help him have a life of his own as well. The day you impose yourself on him, your game would get over.

Have your own friend circle too. Make sure that both you and your partner do not venture out together all the time. Instead give yourself some time and space so that the love between you people will always live. If you tend to stick to each other all the while, one you might just get fed up and wish to leave for some change of space.

When you see that your partner is upset and try to pacify him or her in vain, you must realize the fact that he or she might just be asking for some time and space to regain himself. Yes it’s true that many times mere sitting with people who have come to calm you down doesn’t work. Instead you need some time to yourself so that you could sit and ponder over all that has happened and reach the required conclusion about it all, all by yourself. And that is exactly what you call time and space.

Always remember, time and space are needed for a successful relationship. These are like the two pillars on which the entire relationship rests. So be sure of respecting the theory and applying it in your everyday life for a whole lot of difference.