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Dec 122009

before cosmetic plastic surgeryThere are many reasons people go for cosmetic plastic surgery. Many people want to improve the existing features while the others need to change feature and give a completely different look. Depending of the individual’s personal situation, the choice could be made of a simple procedure or a surgery that would take a longer time to heal. But before having any cosmetic plastic surgery, enough information should be gathered by visiting the plastic surgeons and talking to them to find out what needs to be done to improve the situation.

Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

There are plenty of changes can be done using simple procedures like laser beams to remove hair, botox injections and facial peels. There are many complicated and high risk ones like neck lifts, implanting chin, lips, lifting the sunken eyes, reconstructing nose, protruding ear surgery and complete face-lifts. To give body a better shape, there is liposuction which removes excess fat from the hips, arms and stomach. The size of the breasts can be increased or deceased using implants. It depends on the body structure as to what can be done.

There are procedures to lengthen the toes and make the feet look more appealing, the buttocks can be implanted to make them look fuller. Fats can be sucked by liposuction procedure from thighs and buttocks to make them look shapely. None of these procedures are risk free. Therefore the plastic surgeon should make the person aware of the risks. Its also the responsibility of the person to gather all the details about the procedure to understand the pros and cons of it.

Before Plastic Surgery

Before making the final call for going in for a cosmetic surgery, a self analysis should be made. Firstly, one should decide on which procedure to opt for. Next, justify the reason for going for the procedure. If it’s just a complex about the existing body structure or peer pressure, then other options such counseling should be resorted.

Finally, having made a decision to go in for cosmetic surgery, selecting the right cosmetic surgeon is important. There should be a temptation to go in for the one and one from whom the information has been gathered. It’s better to go in with reference or who is personally known or recommended. Also, there should a check to make sure there are no malpractice lawsuits against the surgeon.

After all this, even at the last instant if there is a hitch, then it’s better to cancel the appointment. There is no point in go in for cosmetic surgery without being completely convinced about the outcome. There procedure will not be covered by insurance and the cost involved is high as well.