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Nov 222010

Before using products to clean skin, wash hair or before applying make-up, it is essential to take a look at the ingredients of the beauty products. Additives and various chemicals are found in products of different brands we buy for our body care. These ingredients may dry out skin and hair and age the skin.

Companies manufacturing and/or selling these products adopt a clever marketing campaign and shrewd tactics, whereby we think they are good for us. To save yourself from the harmful effects of the beauty products, it is essential to avoid the products which contain the following ingredients:

Mineral oils and petroleum- these are often used in lipsticks, lotions, foundations, make-up remover and mineral oil is often the main ingredient of baby oil. These products coat the skin, and prevent the pores from breathing and removal of toxic products.

Paraffin- is another cheap petroleum product often added in bath soap bars and liner pencils to solidify the product and this clogs the pores and cause irritation.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA)– an organic product considered a desirable moisturizing agent and natural exfoliant found in skin cleansers and masks. Its exfoliating effect is so powerful that in addition to removing dead skin cells, it removes skin’s natural protective layer making skin about 50% more responsive to destructive UV rays, leaving  skin open to the sun’s aging effect, and skin cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)– is a cheap foaming product found in cosmetics, toothpastes, shampoos, garage floor cleaners and engine de-greasers.  It is a detergent that dries the skin and when combined with common chemicals it forms carcinogenic compounds.

Formaldehyde (formalin)- used to preserve dead bodies can be found in nail polishes, shampoos and skin cream. This causes irritation and its fumes causes asthma and cancer.

Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol– another toxic petroleum substance found in body lotions, hair color products, hair sprays, after-shave lotions and perfumes and also found in anti-freeze products and solvents. Fumes of these products may result headaches, nausea, dizziness and depression. When used directly on the skin it leaves drying and aging effect.

Talc– used in loose and pressed form, for blushes, powdered foundations, and baby powder. When inhaled it is carcinogenic.

Lacquer– is a hardening chemical added to water-proof mascara to make lashes look full and keep color from running.  Long term use will lead to loss and thinning of eye lashes.

Collagen– The collagen added to cosmetic creams, moisturizers and other skin care products are extracted from animal skins and ground chicken feet. This cannot penetrate the pores and clogs them and prevents the skin from functioning properly.

Lanolin– It is a fat derived from wool and is known as a skin sensitizer which causes irritations and rashes.

For marketing of products some of these are described as natural or organic products. Manure, though organic, cannot be used to rub on body.  If one is concerned with his/her health, should make sure to understand the ingredients before use, and should not be swayed by catchy words or displays.