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Actually mood swing in women is normal and not a disease but it is a state of mind or a disorder. It is quite common in women the frequency varying from person to person. This state of mind is also present in men but the frequency is quite less. Various emotions like sudden happiness, depression, frustration, sudden fit of anger and happiness in a short period are some of the characteristics of this problem in women. This is natural state of mind and there is no need to worry, but if it is severe, it requires proper attention as it can result in various problems for the women.

Causes Of Mood Swings In Women

Hormones play a major role in mood swing. Hormonal imbalance is caused in the body at the time of menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. Puberty marks the beginning of mood swings as sex hormones make their presence felt. It is manifested especially just before the menstrual cycle begins.

Chemical imbalance is caused by imbalance in the release of various chemicals like norepenephrine, serotonin and dopamine called neurotransmitters by the brain, resulting in mood related disorders and mood swings.

Stress can be both physical and mental. Mental stress caused by problems in marital life, aging, financial insecurity results in mood swing in women and may be cause of depression.

Unhealthy lifestyle, improper food intake, excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking, failure in life or social stigma can be some of the other causes. Medical attention is required if mood swings occur often and cause harm to self or others.

Mood Swing Treatment lies in a combination of various efforts including:

Therapy and diet change

Various therapies like long talks to change thinking process, reading, practicing yoga exercises, long walks, change of place of work and stay, introduction of hormones in body, change of life style can help to instil a sense of confidence and self control. Food habits also play a major role to cure this state of mind. Intake of healthy and balanced food with proper vitamins and minerals help to cure. Herbal and Ayurvedic supplements are also of a great help. In addition, homeopathic medicines, aroma therapy and acupuncture help can be tried.

Lifestyle changes

To achieve the best results in this problem, adoption of healthy life style is the best solution. Walking, dancing, practicing yoga or doing regular exercises can be the greatest cure. Counseling to make women able to deal with stress with the help of her loved ones can help achieve a permanent cure to this problem.