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Jul 302009

makeup-applicationFor being a perfect personality and looks different from anyone you would like to apply some composition or skin tone on your face, but stop little bit and think it will suit to your personality or not. After makeup it’s not necessary that your countenance will look spanking and fresh. All that troubles can overcome by applying some tactics at the time of makeup.

Following are some basic tips for how to apply natural makeup on face for making your complexion interactive:

  • Blotch Control: People will generally use the visine for red out, but that will concentrate only on the eyes, but not on the hives. Visine is used to reduce the imperfection. Do one thing dip a q-tip in visine and then it will perform its effect. Visine will squeeze the blood vessels and redness reduced. Now if swelling effects simply chill the q-tip for a while, it will reduce the swelling and then apply facial that will satisfy you with an interactive complexion.
  • Better Skin Tone: Blush is good for coloring your face, but that will in a perfect ratio and with better treatment. A massage is very necessary for beaming and glowing face in order to correct flow of blood. It will make your face healthy and interactive. Massage is important for blush and color that you need.
  • Dry Skin: The dry skin always needs to be hydrate before applying foundation. If you didn’t use hydrate your skin the foundation will mend in crack of your alligator skin in the morning and that will look unattractive and will nasty with the time. Before applying foundation on your skin you must humidify and water spritz on your face. For keeping moisture continue you should slather with water, then at the end you can continue with the foundation.
  • Foundation: Before using the foundation always remember that your moisturizer should harmonize with the foundation, because oily foundation and water based moisturizer will never coordinate with each other so make sure that you are using an oil free foundation with oil free moisturizer for better harmonization and perfect use of the makeup oil free products and oil based products.
  • Radiant Skin: For the glow of radiant skin on face, you should keep makeup kit with one utter shimmery eye shadow, not only for eyes. Translucent and lucent shadow should be used, clean your cheeks, eyes, chin, nose and whole face with this to create an inner glow and sunny and beaming look on your face.
  • Replace Mascara: For shiny and attractive look of your eyes you will use some type of mascara, but wait a while and apply fake lashes in place of mascara and some fakest showgirl lashes. That will look like real lashes. Brown lashes will look better and more attractive instead of the black one, then over the fake lashes if you need to apply some sort of mascara, use very lightly. That type of dramatic look will be more attractive and shiny face.