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Mar 042011

You look through a woman’s fashion magazine and see that all the models have voluptuous lips and wish you could have been blessed with the pouty look. You must realise it is make up that hides a lot of flaws and enhances the better features.

Anybody with thin lips could follow a few easy steps in order to camouflage them. Select a lip liner that matches the shade of your lips. Use it to enhance the size of your lips. Then fill them in with the same liner. Now you can use lips stick and gloss for added beautification.

Some women draw an outline with a liner that matches the color of the lipstick and then fill in the lipstick. Do not fall into this trap. If the lipstick wears off, as it is bound to do especially after a meal, you will be left with a ring of dark liner around your mouth. This will be outside your actual lip line.

The easiest way to make your lips look fuller is to use clear lip gloss. It is available as a roll on, in a tube or gel form which is to be applied with a brush. This works on the principle that it will reflect light, thus giving the illusion of increased surface area. The more shimmering and pearly it is, the greater the effect.

Light coloured lips sticks work better than darker ones due to the same reason. Dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting them, making lips look thinner. Designers always recommend black color to make you look slimmer. In the same way dark coloured lipsticks make your lips look thinner so keep away from them.

Following the same principle, crème lipsticks should take precedence over matte lips ticks. They are smoother to apply and being moisturiser rich, will reflect more light. Judicious use of gloss can enhance your looks further and will allow you to wear slightly darker coloured lips ticks.

Gloss comes in two varieties. One is clear gloss and the other has a shinier component. You can use both at the same time for a better result. The clear one can be lightly applied on both the lips. Apply the shimmering one at the centre of the bottom lip. This is sure to win you admiring glances. Remember, the plumpness of your lips is directly proportional to the amount of light you lip color is able to reflect.

Although there are products in the market which claim to make your lips fuller permanently, no one can vouch for their veracity. So do not spend outrageous amounts of your hard earned money in buying them.