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May 142011

Skin color varies from person to person and from race to race. It ranges from pearly white to ivory, rose-brown and on to dark olive or bronze. Darker skin has more melanin or color pigment and can withstand more sun exposure. It is harder and more resilient. The basic criterion of beauty is a clear and healthy skin. When it is made up by using the right colors and technique, it looks more attractive.

Those with a dark skin should use makeup with warm tone or golden or honey tone. They should avoid blue based cosmetics. For natural looking makeup they should use creamy or liquid makeup which should not be oily, else it will give an oily sheen to the face. Do not apply too much makeup as the layers show up more on dark skin.

Foundation– use a water based foundation. If it seems too thick, add a drop of water to it, mix well and apply. Blend well. Be sure to match the color of foundation to your skin tone. If your skin color varies according to the season, mix a lighter and darker foundation to get the right shade. Apply and check the effect in sunlight. A lighter shade will make the skin look patchy. If your skin is oily, choose a shade darker than your skin color.

Powder– use translucent powder. Apply a light layer and do not apply too much around the eyes.

Eye shadow– people with dark skin usually have brown or black eyes so colors like plum, burgundy brown, copper and bronze will look attractive. Dark metallic colors will suit you very well. Choose eye shadow with a little shimmer to show up the color more. Matte eye shadow should be applied with a wet brush to give a darker color effect. Use gold but not silver. Apply a light layer to look classy. Black liner and mascara will complete the look.

Highlighter– a hint of highlighter can be applied on the bridge of the nose, around the eyes, above the cheek bone and above the upper lip.

Blush on– the colors to use to give freshness to the face are coral, dark rose, peach and orange. Do not use brownish colors. Apply lightly along the cheek bones. A bronzer can be used for added effect.

Lipstick– use lipsticks that have a matte finish. They should not be frosted. Medium and dull shades will be most suitable. If the lips are dark, apply a little foundation and powder on them and then apply the lipstick. The colors to choose are red, plum, golden brown or nude color lip gloss. Do not use pink color. The lip liner should be the same color as your lip color.