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Mar 042011

Dreams are a normal part of sleep. Dreams mostly relate to the thoughts you had in the mind immediately before sleeping or thoughts that came to your mind during the day. If you are happy you are likely to have pleasant dreams. If there is anxiety of any sort in your mind you are likely to have nightmares. Seldom are dreams true. During pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes take place in the body and due to them the frequency of dreams does increase a lot.

A woman who is pregnant for the first time has lots of questions, apprehensions and anxieties about the birth of the child. Most common being the birth of a healthy child, or thoughts of herself being well of during the pregnancy or after child birth.

Since the well being of the child is uppermost in the mind of the mother, as a natural consequence she wonders whether the child will be born normal or with some problem. This is reflected in dreams. Often the mother dreams that she has given birth to some animal or some unknown or unthinkable thing. These reflect the fear psychosis of the mind. It is not essential to think much about these dreams.

Some women watch some horror movies on TV during the day, and these sequences appear in the dream and she or her child becomes a part of the dream. If you have a particular type of dream repeatedly it is better to try to remember it and note it down. Discuss this with your husband or some elder member in family. By discussion you will reduce your anxiety to a great extent and it is possible that some doubts will be cleared and such dreams will not be repeated. It is better to think about the dream in detail and try to connect it with some event, thought or scene during the day.

It is essential to discuss some dreams with your doctor especially if you regularly dream of a breach child in your womb or something wrong happening to you at the time of birth like excessive bleeding or rupture to some of your organ. It is possible that you have intuition of some mishap likely to happen to you. If you dream of a breach child, the doctor can easily check the position of the child in the womb and if it is really upside down the position can be rotated well in time.

The best is to think positive. Clear any apprehension immediately by discussion or by gathering information from books or internet.