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Jun 022011

Getting pregnant is an important event in the life of a woman. This is the time when lots of hormonal changes take place and she has to adapt to the changes that are going to take postpartum. Considering the importance of likely physical and psychological effects that will take place in the body of a woman both during and after the birth of the child, it is necessary that she should get a proper check up done from a doctor.

Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of the pregnancies are planned. Except for some educated women living in cities the couple do plan pregnancy, in other cases it is a matter of chance and there is no occasion to get prior checking by a doctor. If one of you were infected with chicken pox or German measles you need immunization before pregnancy. The doctor will note down the history of effect of drugs on you, hereditary problems if faced, diseases contracted recently and allergic reaction of drugs and suggest medicines and checks necessary.

In addition to booking time with a gynaecologist, you will need to fix up time with a dentist. It is a known fact that due to hormonal changes lots of dental problems are faced by women and in some cases bleeding of gums continues for quite some time. The dentist will be able to examine your gums and teeth and will suggest some medicines which should be taken before pregnancy. As for the safety of the developing child it is often not advisable to take any unnecessary medicine once pregnant.

As a result of improved medical attention being received by women prior to pregnancy and child birth, mortality rate of both the mother and child has gone down considerably. Women, who follow the advice of doctors, give birth to a healthy child.

When you go to the doctor she will conduct physical examination and may even ask you to get x-ray and blood tests done to ensure that everything is normal.  If normal, she will give you a go ahead and you can start thinking and working in the direction of getting pregnant. The doctor will normally check for:

  • Some infectious diseases if contracted by you recently, which can result in improper development of foetus.
  • She will examine for hepatitis and HIV caused by viruses.
  • Check for genetic disorders, if any, faced by your mother or other ladies in the family and the cases of still birth if any reported in family.
  • From blood test she will be able to find vitamin or mineral deficiencies and suggest oral substitutes.
  • Doctor will do physical examination of your reproductive organs, both inner and outer, to ascertain that everything is normal.