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Feb 232011

When a woman gets pregnant, a lot of changes take place in the body which starts preparing to give birth to a new life. The changes are both in body shape and size. In addition a large number of hormonal changes take place and energy level also changes. The lady gets tired after doing small amount of work or when she walks some distance. It is advisable not to exert beyond the level the body can bear.

First Trimester (First three months): The changes which the body undergoes can be divided into three trimesters. Changes that take place in the first three months are quite apparent as this is the beginning of the pregnancy period. The lady feels confused about the internal changes. The level of female hormones namely oestrogen and progesterone change resulting in stoppage of menstrual cycle giving first indication of pregnancy to the woman. In addition a new hormone called pregnancy hormone or gonadotropin appears in the body.

Increase in level of progesterone hormones results in reduction of energy level and increases the size of breasts. The uterus also starts adjusting to the new changes and pushes towards the bladder resulting in feeling of frequent urination. Morning sickness is a new feeling which continues during the first trimester. At a slightly later stage feeling of chest burning will start. To overcome this it is essential to keep light antacid tablets at the bed side which should be taken in small quantities with the consultation of doctor, as and when needed.

Gingivitis or gum trouble is often another problem associated with pregnancy. To overcome this it is essential to brush teeth more frequently. Due to reduction of energy level feeling of fainting when trying to get up quickly is also noticed in many ladies. It is necessary to get up or walk slowly to avoid falling down. Blood pressure also increases necessitating in medication and diet control. If not properly controlled, it can affect the foetus.

Second Trimester: By the time the pregnancy enters the second trimester you get used to the changes in the body. However, the size of stomach starts to grow. Slowly you are able to feel the movement of foetus inside you, this is exciting. Morning sickness starts to disappear but chest burning may increase. The shape of the body continues to change. The breasts will grow needing a support. Maternity bra will provide the necessary comfort. For chest burning some mild medicine can be taken, however cold milk is best anti acid. For cramps which will start appearing in legs, input of calcium should be increased.

Third Trimester: Finally during the third trimester, except for tiredness and irritation, no new problems will occur. The size of the stomach will continue to increase. You may experience kicks of your child inside you. Heart beat will be clearer. Slowly the child will start moving down to be ready to come out.