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May 232011

To have a beautiful skin, it is necessary to take proper care of it. There are people who have beautiful skin by birth, while others are not blessed with beautiful skin and need to take more care. There are people who do not take much care of the skin while the others take excessive measures, which itself is harmful.

Some of the common mistakes made by women for skin care are:

Over bleaching of face skin: Bleaching of the skin is often done by women to clear the facial skin of marks and blemishes. Sometimes, as a result of over enthusiasm of seeing clearer skin after bleach, they tend to repeat bleaching very often. Generally dermatologists suggest bleaching once a month and this gap between the two bleaching processes needs to be maintained. It is also necessary to follow the instructions printed on the packaging about the quantity of bleaching agent to be used and time for which it is to be applied. Another essential precaution is to clean your face properly before application of bleaching agent as the already existing chemical makeup may react and damage your skin.

Over exfoliation of face: Exfoliation of skin is necessary to remove dead cells to make way for new and healthy cells. For facial skin exfoliation, chemical exfoliants are generally suggested by doctors. In case of sensitive skin, special care is needed for the exfoliation process as the chemicals applied for this purpose become super active in light and cause damage. It is necessary to study directions listed on the packaging.

Not using sunscreen: Sun rays cause maximum damage to the human skin. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays. These are present both in direct sun light and also in diffused sunlight. These ultra violet rays cause skin burns and in extreme cases can be a cause of skin cancer. To block the harmful effects of UV rays on skin, moisturisers containing sun blocking agent in necessary. When inside sunscreen lotion with SPF of 15 can be applied but while going in direct sunlight you may need one with SPF of 45. Never make a mistake of not applying sunscreen lotion when inside a building thinking that you are not exposed to UV rays. These rays are always present in diffused light also.

Not removing makeup at night: Before going to bed it is necessary to follow skin care ritual religiously and regularly. There is a misconception in the mind of some women that they have not exposed themselves to any pollutants, so they do not need to wash face before going to bed. Similarly some think that there is a gap of more than 12 hours between bedtime and application of makeup and during this time make up has worn off by itself. This is not correct. Before going to bed wash your face and apply a moisturiser to enable your skin to repair while you sleep.

Following these simple rules you will save your skin naturally and avoid wrinkles or aging signs for long time.