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May 222011

It is the desire of every woman to look beautiful. A large number of beauty products are available in the market and they are tried by women. Various suggestions are made by friends and relatives to use certain products without knowing the effect. Many women, after getting attracted by advertisements, without studying the ingredients in products, spend handsome money without deriving the benefits.

Before deciding about a product you should consider about the myths and realities of a particular beauty or skin care product.

  • One of the myths about beauty care products is to use alcohol free products. This is true to some extent only. Some alcohol based products are not good for dry skin as they make the skin drier. Generally two types of alcohol based products are available in the market. One is that which contains isopropyl alcohol. These products are not good for the skin. Other types of beauty products are manufactured using benzyl alcohol and these are good for the skin and help to soften it.
  • Some advertisements for beauty products suggest that these can help reduce or shrink the size of the skin pores. This is not correct, none of the products available can reduce the size of pores but they can provide a coating on the skin to make it look smooth and pore less. When this product is removed, the natural pores will reappear.
  • To some extent it is true that oily skin is the cause of acne. In case of oily skin, the pores get blocked and pimples are formed. This is also a reality that acne can be due to hormonal imbalance caused due to menstrual cycle, or allergic reaction of drugs or if sebaceous glands are over active. A dermatologist is the best person to suggest a cure for pimples. However, keeping the skin dry can help you out.
  • There is a myth that by regular waxing the hair that grows is thicker and darker. The reality is that the hair growth after waxing is normal. It looks darker as you have conditioned your skin where the waxing has been done. This fact will be verified if you go for regular hair removal because the growth will be normal.
  • Another myth is that if you leave mascara on your eyes overnight, no damage will be done to them. This is not correct. No makeup of any type should be left on your skin overnight. The face or other part of the skin where you apply makeup should be washed and cleaned before going to bed.
  • Drinking of adequate quantity of water does help you have a hydrated and healthy looking skin. It is a myth that by drinking more water pimples will be eradicated. Though water will help eradicate toxins from your body but pimples are due to some other reasons.