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Sep 112009

nail-polish-applying-tipsTo many polishing the nails would seem as the most boring job yet many women spend loads to money to get them done to match their clothes. Here are a few tips to do the job at home with the same professional touch in a cost effective way.

Step 1: Prepare nails for the polishing first. The nails should be trimmed, filed and the cuticles should be removed. The hands and feet should be washed with soap and water and left to air dry. After a few minutes the feet should be buffed with a coarse towel to remove the dead skin and restore circulation. The hand and feet lotion should be rubbed excluding the nails.

Step2: Choosing the right place to sit and polish the nails is important. If there is too much of traffic noise or conversation or bumps, it may distract attention. It’s always better to get all the required materials together before hand so that there would be no need to run looking for them in the middle of polishing job. Essentially, manicure tools, polish and remover, cotton swabs or tissue paper and nail decoration little tattoos or jewels would be required.

The best place to polish nails is a well-lighted, well-ventilated room so that the odor of the polish would not cause inconvenience.

Step 3: Now is the time for actual polishing. The lid of polish and remover should be kept open for convenience. The brush should be dipped in the polish and the brush should be wiped on the inside of the bottle to get away with the extra polish that would otherwise drip. The tips of all the fingernails should be painted first to strengthen them. Then the brush should be dipped again in the polish and extra polish should be removed. This time whole nail on both the hands should be painted. They should be left for air drying.

Step 4: The toe nails should be fully painted. If need be, the feet should be moved to different angles to check for any uneven or missed spots.

Step 5: The fingernails should be given a second coat after ensuring that the first coat has dried fully. While applying second coat, care should be taken not to smudge on the sides or tip of the finger. Even if they, then they should gently wiped off with little of polish remover on a tissue paper or cotton swab. At the end of the second coat, the nail should have even coat of the color.

Step 6: The toes should be given the second coat after ensuring the first coat had dried completely. The second coat should be left to dry.

Before moving away from the scene, the used and throwaway supplies should be disposed off and the others should be laid back in place.