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Aug 132010

Body packs before bathing could do wonders to your skin. All you need to do is apply them and wait for fifteen minutes after which when you wash the packs off, you see your skin glowing with joy and asking for more of the treatment. These body packs have just begun to be practiced all over as many women realized that by only catering to your facial skin trouble, your body doesn’t benefit. So there should be a separate treatment for your entire carcass a well. This is exactly why we have the body packs that you could apply before your every day baths only to flaunt the best looking skin that always.

Some body packs include the gram flour that you have in the kitchen in which you mix some curd, turmeric and salt. Rub this concoction all over your body including your back. The gram flour has the ability to act as a defoliator removing all the dirt and grime in the bargain helping your skin get rid of the dead skin too.

You could even try the milk and honey mixture that you could smear all over your body for a perfect moisturizing effect. All you need to do is mix the required amount of milk and honey in a vessel and apply it all over your body. Keep it on for half and hour and wash off while taking a bath. This was known to be the queen Cleopatra’s secret to a beautiful skin. You just can’t get a better treatment than this one. So just go ahead and give it a shot for a change!

You might even try smearing olive oil all over your body and washing off with milk and water while taking a bath in the morning. This is yet another very good therapeutic bath that one must have in order to keep his or her skin shining forever. There could nothing better than treating yourself with the olive oil which is known to have the skin rejuvenating properties.

These body packs are excellent for your skins well being so, do try them on. You could even take a bath with the juice of two lemons squeezed in your bucket to get you rid of all the dirt and grime on your body. After all when it comes to your skin, you just can’t be joking anymore.