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Apr 042011

Head lice are small insects which travel from one person to the other through contact. These are parasites and are of black or brown color. They live on the blood sucked from the scalp. They lay small yellow color eggs called nits which cling to the shaft of the hair. Being very small these eggs are difficult to remove from the hair.

These being wingless creatures, they travel from one head to the other through contact or sharing of combs or clips amongst children. Children while playing or studying come in contact with each other. This is the time when head lice travel from one child to the other. As per a study, lice infestation is communicable only next to the common cold.

The symptoms of the infestation are severe itching in the head. Due to lice bite, often red bumps are formed in the scalp. When a child is detected as having lice she should be treated and her things should not be shared by other children at home or in school. For treatment various medicated shampoos are available. There are certain herbal remedies also, and these can be tried:

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties and often used for treatment of infection. The disinfectant and antiseptic properties can help eradicate lice. For treatment, tea tree oil mixed with water should be rubbed on the scalp to eradicate head lice. While rubbing it in the hair, care should be taken that it does not touch eyes. If the skin of the child is sensitive it should not be applied undiluted and without testing.

Neem leaves are commonly used for treatment of head lice. A paste of the fresh leaves is prepared and applied on the head. Let it dry on the head. When dry, wash it with fresh running water. The head lice will be killed. This should be repeated twice a week.

Another herbal remedy to get rid of head lice is application of paste of basil leaves. Make a paste of about thirty basil leaves and rub it in the hair. This paste may be mixed with margosa leaf paste for better results. Leave this paste on the head for about thirty minutes and wash with water. Repeat after three to four days. All head lice will be killed.

Other herbal home remedies include, application of mixture of lemon and garlic paste for about thirty minutes. Similarly lemon juice can be mixed with vinegar and applied on the head for about two hours. Lemon juice can also be mixed with paste of almonds and applied on head for about two hours. Mixture of vinegar and egg yolk can also be used to kill lice. Remember to wash the hair properly with clean cold water after applying any of the above mixtures.