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Mar 112011

Getting a tattoo made on some part of the body has become a fashion statement amongst the youth. To display the nature of the person to the world he or she decides the design. Decision of the design and the part of the body on which tattoo is to be made is a complex process. Once the decision has been made you have to go to the artist and finalise the charges and time, there after the process of making the tattoo starts. This is a time consuming and painful process both at the time it is being made and during healing which may take about fifteen days. Following the new tattoo aftercare tips and instructions is important.

It becomes essential to take proper after care of the new tattoo and the portion of the body on which it is made to let it last for a long time. The period for which the tattoo will last depends upon various factors. However with proper new tattoo aftercare, can last it for more than a year.

The process of making a tattoo is that with the help of the tattoo gun the artist injects ink molecules deep into your skin. These are foreign bodies and the immune system of the body tends to destroy them. To prevent the immune system from acting it is necessary that immediately after the tattoo is completed, on the portion of the body on which tattoo has been made anti bacterial cream should be applied, and then covered with cotton wool. This should be done for at least twenty four hours.

During this time of twenty four hours or so, the healing process starts. During the healing process you are likely to get skin irritation, giving you urge to scratch the area. This should be avoided as with scratching some tender portion of the skin may be removed causing infection. Even if infection is not caused due to the immune system of your body the tattoo on that part will go and you may get a blank portion. It will be better to apply antibacterial ointment repeatedly.

During the healing process do not go swimming or soak in a tub. Try to keep the tattoo portion dry. To clean it just wash with water and pat dry using a soft towel. After this apply moisturising cream. If the nature of your work is such that you have to move around in sunlight, application of sunscreen lotion of SPF 40 or more is a must. Otherwise sunrays will fade the deep ink of the tattoo.

The artist who makes tattoo will also give detailed instructions. Follow them as far as possible. This way you will be able to keep the tattoo in good shape for a long time. In case some portion gets dull you can get it retouched from the artist.