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May 252009

Ovarian cysts are small sacs filled with fluid. They are harmless but at times cause bleeding.

Physiological Cysts

Cysts occur during the child bearing years and play a vital role when the developed egg is released. They form a general ovarian function and are physiological in nature. They could be painful and cause irregular menstrual cycle. They could cause a leak or twist the ovary.

Pathological Cysts

They occur outside ovulation and are called tumors. They can be malignant benign. Even these can be further classified. They are usually pathological cysts and have mucous. The mucous contains old blood. They occur are very commonly in young women. They can have lots of tissues like fat, bone, hair, teeth or thyroid gland. A major problem with this cyst is that it does regress by itself.

Ovarian Cysts

This can affect women of any age and can be functional or physiologic in nature. They don’t cause any disease and usually disappear by themselves in couple of week’s time. They common occur in child bearing years. They are usually non cancerous in nature.

Cancerous And Non Cancerous Ovarian Cyst

Those with ovarian cancer have ovarian cysts in it. But these ovarian cysts by themselves are harmless in nature. The other types of ovarian cysts are follicular cyst, hemorrhagic, luteum, and dermoid.


Cysts cure is done through a holistic approach. The most important aspect is that the women should follow the diet restrictions, exercise regularly and try to improve their health. It would help to control the chronic stress. Vitamins supplements could be resorted to improve the hormonal system. Sometimes surgery would have to be resorted to get rid of cysts.

Like with any disease, the early the detection the easier it’s to cure. Same is the case with cysts. Women are advised to visit the hospital regularly and undergo total health check ups. This would help to trace such disease in time. There are specialized tests for this like the pelvic examination, pelvic ultrasounds and laparoscopy.