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May 272011

The birth of a child has been much eulogised but it comes accompanied with much pain and discomfort. The labor pains last between five to twelve hours. They are mild and infrequent in the beginning but as time progresses they increase in intensity and frequency. You must attempt to be in a positive frame of mind for pain management during labor and try to focus on something else to make these hours bearable.

Prepare yourself for a natural delivery by doing appropriate exercises beginning a couple of weeks before the baby is due. The best exercise is to practice squatting. It can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Hold on to a low table or bed firmly
  2. Take a deep breath and squat
  3. Breathe out and stand
  4. Repeat about ten times or as many times you are comfortable with

When contractions actually start try to relax in between the contractions. You can play soft soothing music to help you relax. Do not panic or worry. Banish any negative thoughts. Think that you are in the safe hands of doctors and nurses and all will go well. It will be of great help to have your husband with you in the hospital. He can comfort you and administer to your needs. He too will feel part of the delivery process and will be able to bond with the baby.

Breathe in and out slowly during contractions. You can walk around in the room if that helps. Walking will help to ease the pain and the delivery will also be quicker. Do not shout or scream. It will tire you out and you need to save your energy for the birthing process.

You can talk softly to your unborn child. He is your partner in the whole process and is being squeezed by the contractions. Focusing on your chid will fill your heart with joy. You have imagined holding him and made so many preparations for him and now the anticipated time is drawing closer. Don’t concentrate on the pain but think of happy times and beautiful memories.

An epidural can be injected once the cervix opens about two centimetres. An epidural is a local anaesthetic given in the spine to numb the lower area. Doctor is the best judge to decide the time the epidural should be injected. If you request it, the anaesthesiologist will study your medical history, do a blood test and make a note of allergies and diseases like high blood pressure.

If you tell the doctor in advance that you will want an epidural these tests can be carried out before hand. She will examine you, ask you to bend over and give you the injection. After five to ten minutes it will act and you will not feel pain any more. With a painless delivery you will not be worn out and will be able to look after your baby right away.