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May 062011

Body hair has always been seen to be superfluous and various methods devised to remove it. Women have practiced removal of hair from arms, legs and armpits. Men earlier trimmed or removed facial hair but now they flaunt clean chests and backs. The body beautiful is for exhibition and a toned hairless body the epitome of desirability. During the summer months skirts and shorts of a minimum length are worn so a clean hairless look is necessary.

Some methods used to remove hair are painful. They include temporary hair removal methods like waxing, threading and applying creams. Longer lasting but painful methods are removal of hair by laser and electrolysis. Some of these are physical methods while others involve the use of chemicals. Painless and quick methods of hair removal are most favoured as they can be used easily by women of all ages at home. They are-

Bleaching hair is not actually removed by bleaching. It is only faded to match skin tone. Various powders, creams and liquid bleaches are available at stores and you can choose the one you want. You may experience a burning sensation for some time after applying a bleaching agent especially if your skin has been exposed to the sun.

Do not use bleach on broken skin and thoroughly mix the bleaching agents. Follow the instructions on the pack. Bleaching works well only on fair and brownish skin. The bleached hair shows up vividly on darker skin.

Depilatories are creams with chemicals which dissolve hair. They are applied to the area needed and then you have to wait for fifteen minutes. The cream along with the hair removed can be wiped off with a wet sponge or towel. This is a hassle free method and can be used in the privacy of your home.

In both these methods chemicals are used and it is necessary that they be tested on a small portion of the skin to ascertain that there is no allergic reaction.

Shaving is a physical method which will suit even those with a sensitive skin. It is a quick method and easy to perform. Soap is applied on the area to be shaved to moisturise the skin and hair is removed by cutting with a razor. Use a sharp razor and do not press too hard to avoid scraping of the skin. Be careful when shaving over underlying bone as you can get nicks and cuts. Shave against the direction of growth of hair for better results.

Shaved hair grows back quickly as it is cut at the surface. It does not give a smooth surface. You can choose whichever method suits you best.