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Nov 292010

Some people have problem of excessive growth of hair on body and face. This is medically known as hirsutism. Also, presence of excess male hormones in ladies can result in excessive growth of hair on different body parts. Existence of this condition in ladies leads to lowering of self-esteem, inconvenience and also depression in some extreme cases. In addition to the hormonal effect this is also said to be due to excessive weight and stress. Losing weight may help and so may meditation to combat stress.

A number of products are available in medical stores which can help reduce excess hair and also reduce the growth, but it is advisable to consult the doctor before going in for any treatment.

Two different types of hair grow on face. There is light, thin and invisible hair called vellus hair. Some unknown reasons, along with increasing age and also health factors, can sometimes cause this to turn thick and dark. These are called terminal hair.

Shaving is the most used method for removal of hair. This is not a permanent method. Plucking of hair is another method but is quite painful. It can be used only for a few hairs growing at different places, and may result in scar formation. Waxing is another method of temporary removal of unwanted hair.

It is impossible to remove all hair from the body permanently. Many medicines and packs are available in the market which claims to provide 100% satisfaction to the user. These are tricky claims, do not remove 100% body hair.  Hormonal imbalance in women, caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome, results in excessive growth of hair. Some medicines like hair inhibitors give relief but once the intake of medicine is stopped hair begins to make an appearance.

Electrolysis and laser removal of hair are the only almost permanent methods, but it may take a very long time to achieve the desired results. In electrolysis a needle is inserted in the skin and by electrolytic process follicle, in which hair grows, is destroyed. Laser is another somewhat permanent method. By this method laser beam of predetermined frequency is flashed on the effected part of the skin which results in dead follicles. This method often causes skin burns and is more effective on light color skin.

Some manufactures are selling home use laser and electrolytic gadgets. These should be used with utmost care under proper supervision.