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Mar 262011

During pregnancy lots of hormonal changes take place in the body of a woman. In addition to hormonal changes, the body has to undergo a lot of stress and strains. They are different at different stages of pregnancy. This stress in life does not end with the birth of the child but the post birth period witnesses further stresses of various types.

A study has found that during the last trimester of pregnancy and even after the birth of the child, a woman can suffer from loss of memory. This has been attributed to a number of reasons. The reasons could be lack of proper rest and sleep, improper care of diet, worry of the child and lactation.

Amongst the above mentioned, lack of sleep is the main reason for memory loss after pregnancy. It is an admitted fact that the functioning of the brain is linked with rest and sleep. In case of insufficient sleep, the memory power of the brain decreases. Babies do not sleep at a stretch for a long time. May be day or night they get up for feed or for something else. Along with them the mothers also have to be awake. To overcome this problem, it is desirable that the mother should get short naps during the day. She should try to sleep when the baby sleeps. This will help to improve memory.

After sleeplessness, stress is another reason for memory loss in the mothers who have a small child to look after. Bringing up a child is stressful. The mother has to look after food and comfort of the child ignoring herself. Excessive stress has effect on the brain cells. As a result of this she suffers from memory loss. Excessive concentration of thoughts on the child is also a reason.

To overcome the stress it is essential for her to divert attention even if it is for a short time. Watching TV can be a way out. In addition the woman can do deep breathing and other yogic exercises or meditation to reduce stress. If you are fond of reading books, this can help to divert attention. Go for a walk in a park or backyard of your home and if the weather outside is not too harsh, you can pick up the child and go out watching flowers or other plants. This will be very relaxing.

Taking a good diet will help. Due to lactation, lot of nutrients are consumed. Food and supplements should be taken to replenish these. As lots of hormonal changes have taken place in the body, these will return to normal level slowly and many problems will be sorted out.

Above all try to repeat things you need to remember in your mind. Interlink them to help you remember them. Slowly you will develop the habit of remembering.