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Oct 182010

It is true that post delivery, every woman hates to see herself in the mirror. The stretch marks on the body, loose skin all over the stomach and the abdominal area and the ugly navel makes them shudder each time they think of wearing the same old skimpy clothes like before. In fact the worst of all is increased weight which could have quite an emotionally adverse effect on many women who go on crash diets immediately after they deliver their children, in the bargain spoiling their health forever.

Relax and understand that you will get back in shape soon. You have to be patient enough to comprehend and believe in the fact that very soon you shall get back in shape like before. Do not fret like everyone else, instead take a deep breath and wait until its time you could embark upon your long lost gym once again. There is no hurry for reducing weight as it will happen at the right time. If you try ways like crash dieting, etc, they could hamper your health until forever.

Feeding your baby helps reducing weight. So be sure of feeding your child nice and proper. It is a fact that if you regularly feed your baby, you will notice how fast you begin shedding your extra calories. Do not think that keeping your breasts untouched will not hamper their shape for that is completely untrue. In fact if you wish to reduce in the right way, you just have to know the right techniques involved in the same.

Ask your doctor before you begin your first exercising regime. Go slow on the treadmill for your body is weak and fragile in the initial few months which means, you should avoid doing heavy weights and workout by any means. So take a chill pill and relax. When time comes you could go for walks and runs like before and get back your original vital stats.

Never take weight reducing pills after pregnancy for they could hamper your body for the rest of your life. Try not to resort to such dangerous ways and means of reducing weight. Instead ask your doctor and do as he suggests.

Drinking lukewarm water helps a great deal. Also, going for walks makes a lot of difference. Try mild work out initially after which after consulting your doctor you might as well go on for a regular work out like before.

The whole idea is to be healthy first and then slim. Do not try to slim down as soon as possible for that could rob you of a lovely health forever.