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Dec 272010

Dry and frizzy hair can be very problematic. A few simple tips and a hair care routine can help you get rid of such hair and help banish bad hair days for good.

The texture of hair, when studied under a microscope can help you understand the nature of this problem in detail. Good hair strands appear a lot smoother when studied minutely. In comparison, bad hair have a shingles like appearance. These dry, frizzy and damaged hair show cracks on their surface. These dry out at uneven angles, rendering the hair unmanageable. All you need is a good conditioning routine, to take care of such hair. Conditioning helps achieve smoothness to the shingled surfaces.

For such hair conditions, one must choose conditioners meant for dry or frizzy hair. Such conditioners are thicker than one meant for normal hair. This thickness weigh down the frizzy hair and makes the hair smoother.

These conditioners are usually inexpensive. While shampooing your hair, you should apply the conditioner with the help of a wide toothed comb. Once you have waited for a few minutes, rinse the conditioner out without disturbing the hair. This conditioning will leave the hair smooth and slippery.

Conditioners for dry hair work the best when used with shampoos meant for dry and frizzy hair. These shampoos help cleanse without robbing the hair’s natural oils. One must also avoid frequent shampooing as frequent application of shampoos strip the hair of the natural oils.  A bi weekly use of shampoo is enough. In case you feel the need to clean your hair more often, you can avoid use of shampoo and wash your hair after application of a conditioner (again with the help of a wide toothed comb).

Another problem commonly faced is damaged hair. Reconstructive or deep conditioners come to rescue here. Such conditioners have a mud like texture. These have to be applied on the hair for a loner time than the normal conditioners.

A new research shows that Silicone products go a long way in taming frizzy hair. A wide variety of such products are now available over the counters of salons or drug stores. These products are applied on freshly shampooed, wet hair and then blow dried. It is better to use diffuser for air drying hair instead of normal blow drying.

Gel products are also a popular conditioner now a days. However, one must avoid gels containing high levels of alcohol as these will leave the hair more dry.

You should also take care to avoid excessive heat application on hair. These aggravate the problems of a dry hair.
Sometimes, these products do not help at all. The answer to such hair conditions is cutting a portion of the hair.

A plethora of hair care products are available now a days. You have to experiment and see which of these products work the best for your hair. With the help of these simple tips, you can avoid bad hair days to a large extent.

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