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Mar 302011

Melanin present in the skin cells is the cause of the color of the skin. In case of some people, this is present in excess in certain areas of the face. This excess concentration results in development of dark pigments also called hyper-pigmentation. Normally dark circles are formed under the eyes, however in case of some people there is a concentration of melanin around the mouth resulting in darker skin. Having dark circles around the mouth is unflattering and needs to be treated. These dark circles around the mouth tend to darken further due to the exposure to sun, inflammation or due to a disease called endocrine.

Though it is not possible to get rid of these dark circles fully but fortunately there are ways to lighten the skin around the mouth. The process is to even out the complexion to reduce the apparentness. For this the following be kept in mind:

  • Before you start any treatment or try a home remedy it is better to consult a dermatologist. You can freely discuss with him the causes, things to avoid and food habits to be adopted.
  • Laser therapy has been found successful in treatment of dark circles. Laser ray is used to kill melanin in darker regions of the face. This evens out the color of skin.
  • As far as possible stay away from sun. Both direct and indirect exposure to sun light, affect your skin. The areas with more melanin appears much darker as compared to other areas due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. It is essential to apply sunscreen lotion on the whole face before moving out.
  • A large number of bleaching creams are available in stores as over the counter creams. These will help reduce the darkness of the affected areas. Along with this, skin brightening creams can also be tried. Before using these creams for the first time caution needs to be exercised. People with sensitive skin may develop rashes, so a trial on a small patch should be done first.  Remember to strictly follow instructions printed on the packaging.
  • Certain home remedies are helpful to reduce hyper-pigmentation. A thick mixture of lemon juice, honey and yogurt can be applied on darker areas. Let it remain on the face till it is dry. Once dry, it can be removed and the face washed. This will help reduce color gap.
  • The entire face should be properly cleaned. Using a mild soap, wash the face at least twice a day, once at bed time and once when you get up. Keep the skin properly hydrated using a moisturiser, vitamin enriched creams should be applied. Creams containing cortisones can also help.
  • As a temporary measure concealer can be dabbed on the dark parts to even out the skin color.