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Mar 152011

As new techniques are being developed, many are being modified by the beauty industry for their own use. One of these is cosmetic surgery with the use of laser. It is used to remove wrinkles and tattoos, for removing acne marks and dark spots and for improving hair. Before going in for this procedure you must be aware of the risks involved in it and be prepared to follow a strict skin care regimen.

There are some risks of cosmetic laser surgery as well. Lasers basically burn the skin so it will become red after the surgery and will remain so for some times afterward. It will feel raw and not amenable to touching. You have to avoid direct sunlight and take care to remain in a clean environment away from dust and pollution.

The skin can change coloration too and may become lighter or darker. This effect is more noticeable in those with a darker color skin. There may be blotches in the skin as well. These affects are temporary but you will have to live with them while they last. Lasers can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. If the treatment is carried out with the setting on high, deep seated burning may take place. This will be difficult to heal and will cause intensive scarring which may be permanent in nature. If proper care is not taken by the doctor after the surgery, infection may set in. It will prolong the recovery period and may cause further scarring.

Care should be taken to cover the eyes with appropriate material or laser will damage them. This is especially important when any work is being done on the face or head. People with sensitive skin should not go in for this surgery. Those with a low threshold of pain also need to think twice because it is not altogether a comfortable surgery. A thought must be given to the fact that skin is going to be burnt and will require proper care for a prolonged period and some medication as well. You will have to invest both time and money.

You should be ready to go about with dappled and discolored skin for some time. It may not be possible to cover it if the treatment is on the face, hands or other exposed parts of the body. It will take some time for the skin to heal and become smooth and pretty. People with dark skin should look for other options and go in for laser cosmetic surgery only if none other is available.

In spite of these limitations, laser does give amazing results if the surgery is carried out properly. There are no certifications for laser treatment so look for word of mouth references and go to only those surgeons who are experienced.