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Apr 262011

Wrinkles herald the advent of old age. They are formed because the skin becomes drier due to less sebum production, and thinner as fat layers beneath the skin are depleted. Exposure to sun, pollution and the habit of cigarette smoking increase wrinkle formation. Fairer people are more prone to getting wrinkles early. The timing of wrinkle formation may run in your genes so there is no fixed time as to when you can get wrinkles.

Wrinkles appear around the mouth and eyes first. They also can be seen on the forehead as frown lines especially in people who frown often. Fine lines may respond to home remedies but deeper groves require injections of fillers as treatment. To delay the formation of wrinkles you can take the help of antioxidant creams and those containing Vitamin A. Heavy moisturizers help to keep the skin lubricated and wrinkles at bay. Some people have started using shark liver oil for treating wrinkles and vouch for it.

Shark liver oil is obtained from different species of cold water sharks. It contains squalene which is said to promote healing of wounds and also offer protection to cells. It has fatty acids which moisturise the skin and form a protective coating over it. It is rich in Vitamin A and D which help to eradicate wrinkles.

Many lipids are found abundantly in shark liver oil. These boost the immune system and destroy any harmful organisms that try to enter the cells of the body and damage them. They also increase the number of white blood cells which are known as the soldiers of the body and are important to fight against infection and disease organisms.

Shark liver oil was used by fishermen for treating skin problems. It was used to treat leukaemia, skin cancer and other such illness. It was also used as a remedy for acne by applying it on the skin. However no study has been done to verify these claims. Shark liver oil has been known to be effective in treating severe sores. Those who were treated with this oil showed a marked improvement in the symptoms and remained disease free for a long time afterwards. This proves that shark liver oil does have a positive effect on the immune system.

Although it has been recorded to be safe for applying on the skin, care must be taken not to ingest too much of it orally. Not much research has been done to study the effect when the oil has been consumed. Always consult a doctor to know the safe dose if you want to go in for shark liver oil therapy.