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Aug 252009

chemical-peel-side-effectsChemical peel is commonly used skin-rejuvenating procedure. But every coin has to side to it so does chemical peels. It has certain risks and warnings attached to it.

On the positive side, it’s the best treatment for reduction of aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines. It can give the youthful glow to the face, smooth texture and improve complexion. Those with sun- damaged skin, blotches, uneven pigmentation would benefit by this treatment.

On the downside, it’s not a procedure for every one as it comes with side effects. Those with heart problems or a family history of heart disease should consult their family doctor before embarking on this treatment. The family doctor would give a truthful opinion as opposed to the doctor performing chemical peels as they have not have ulterior motives in making the judgment.

Side Effects

  • Those who suffer from frequent cold sore breakouts would suffer from moderate to severe breakouts. Although this is not a major risk, its better to know as it may have certain professional and personal obligations.
  • Some people develop scars and skin infections soon after chemical peels. The chances are bleak when the peel off is done by an experienced plastic surgeon. Most scars are temporary but some have problems with pigmentation damages and permanent scars.
  • Certain amount of redness of skin is common after chemical peel, especially for those with sensitive skin. There are chances of formation of crusts and stings too. The redness would disappear in 24 to 48 hours and crusts would recede after two weeks.

After Care

The best means to reduce on the side effects of chemical peel is by following the post-peel instructions. The plastic surgeon performing the peel should give the after care details. Most important after care is to stay out of sun and to moisturize the skin with moisturizer that contains sunscreen with minimum SPF-15. The doctor might advise use of Retin-A depending on the skin condition before the chemical peel.

To ensure that the whole process yields good results without side effects, it’s important to follow the instruction of the doctor. It’s not a big deal getting a peel off done, but its important to benefit out of it. Also, if its done to look good on a special event, it should be done at least two week in advance so that there are no redness or swelling on the special day.