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May 302011

Liposuction has been in vogue for some time to rid the body of excess fat. It is akin to surgery as deep layers of fat are targeted. In liposuction a hollow needle with a diameter of three to four mm is used. The needle is eased in and it is used to remove fat which is attached to the skin. Bleeding and swelling occur for some time after the process.

SmartLipo is a new technique. It is faster and safer. The area from where fat has to be removed is made numb by anaesthesia. Then a needle which has a diameter of one mm and a length of ten cm is inserted. This needle is connected by fibre optic cable to a laser machine. The fat is melted by using a laser beam. The laser is used with precision to break the walls of the fat cells which form the adipose tissue. They are under the skin. The fat does not have to be taken out but it is metabolised by the body and expelled via the lymph glands.

As the diameter of the needle is small, It does not make a large wound. Consequently, there is less bleeding and post operative care. Doctors can control the depth to which the laser acts. The heat of the laser seals the blood vessels which rupture. This prevents the loss of blood from blood vessels which are affected when fat cells are destroyed. They are cauterised almost immediately. The blood coagulates at a faster rate because of the heat.

Although both liposuction and Smartlipo targets fat deposits in the body, Smartlipo is safer and is less painful. The patient feels comfortable both during and after the procedure. It is a quicker method and does not require prolonged hospitalisation. It takes just a couple of hours and has very little side effects. Just heaviness in the abdominal region is experienced for two to three days. No medication is required and it disappears on its own.

What happens is that the liquefied fat collects there and it takes some time for the lymph glands to clear it. Almost all body parts can be treated which have localised fat deposits which are resistant to dieting and exercise. These include hips, buttocks, arms, thighs and abdomen. Instant results can be seen when Smartlipo is used. Just a small bandage is put at the place where the skin is punctured by the needle, unlike liposuction where a patient may be required to wear a body stocking.

As always, consult a good doctor before you go in for any medical procedure. The doctor will check the heart, blood pressure and carry out various blood tests before he pronounces the patient fit to undergo the process.