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May 302011

It is rightly said that the seeds of health are planted before the child takes his or her first breath. Period of stay and development in the womb of the mother shapes the health of the, to be born child. Healthy development of the foetus results in birth of a healthy child.

According to researchers, stress during pregnancy effect on baby in the womb on emotional and physical health may be greater than the genetic effect of the parents. Earlier it was considered that the babies born to the mothers who consume excess of caffeine, alcohol or smoke too much are likely to suffer from birth defects. According to researchers, the children born to the mothers who live in stress during pregnancy or faced some trauma are likely to suffer from birth defects which are likely to continue till adulthood or even later.

In case we are under stress our body releases excess of a hormone called cortisol. In case of occasional stress this hormone does not cause a major problem but in case of your living in the condition of continuous stress, the quantity of this hormone released will become excessive and your body will not be able to bear it. Cortisol is a cause of high blood pressure. In case the mother is releasing excessive cortisol, it will reach the developing child in the womb and raise the blood pressure point of the child for his full life. In adulthood the baby will suffer from blood pressure problem.

Many mothers are faced with extremely stressful conditions during pregnancy. These may be due to fear of losing the job or break up of marriage, physical or emotional abuse or due to uninvolved partner. These mothers live in constant stress and face depression during and even after the pregnancy. The babies born to these women suffer from exposure to stress related hormones, toxins and malnutrition inside the womb. Such babies may, in their life, become hyperactive, under active or may suffer from ADD disease. Often these children are treated with anti depressing medicines.

A stressed mother during pregnancy is also likely to lead to the child developing problems of coordination of ears, feet and fingers. Such children have lower level of I.Q and will lag in studies during their life. The brain system remains under developed resulting in low memory of the child.

It is true that we all want happy babies who will grow up to be happy children and later happy adults. It is essential that the family of the expecting mother takes proper care and keeps her in happy state of mind away from stress so that a healthy child is born in the family.