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May 132011

When any part of your body is not proportional it makes you self conscious. You are not able to wear clothes you like to wear. When you go out shopping, you are hampered in your choice of clothes. One such problem many women face is that of large thighs. Choosing skirts or trousers becomes a problem as their large thighs stand out.

Careful selection regarding the style of clothes worn can help to disguise large thighs to a certain extent. Wear clothes that accentuate your attractive features and disguise largeness in this way your figure will look more balanced. Try to avoid straight lines.

An A-line dress will suit you most. This type of dress is narrow at the top and softly widens towards the bottom. Choose a mid-length dress that covers the thighs. The skirt should hang loosely at the hips and flare at the base. The dress should not be tight as that will show bulges and give the appearance of too much flesh. It will strain at the thighs and show the area to be large.

Choose short tops to wear with jeans or trousers. If you wear tops that end at the thigh level, they will draw attention to that area. Longer tops make your body look long and your legs look short, adding to the problem. To give an illusion of length, wear high heels. Do not choose shoes which are square or round at the toe, instead, wear pointed shoes with narrow heels. This will give a slim look to your legs.

It is best to avoid short pants as your thighs will be exposed in them and you cannot do much to disguise them. However, if you have to wear them for sports or exercise purposes, then choose those which are not too tight. If they are striped at the sides in the form of piping etc, it will give a slim effect. Do not wear shorts which end at the mid calf length. Using these tips you can be trendy and disguise your problem area.