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Sep 102009

take-care-of-feet-toe-nailsAs feet and toes are covered in shoes and socks most of the time priority is not given to grooming them at all. To look smart and good, taking care of feet and toes are also important. Here are a few tips to make the feet and toes attractive and gear up for the warm months when people prefer to walk barefoot or wear flip flops.

Trimmed toe nails: Toe nails should be trimmed straight across with short side angles. Using a nail clipper would be help to trim them evenly and a filer could be used to file them to give smooth finish especially in the edges. All the hangnails and split nails should be cut and trimmed. They should be trimmed as and when necessary depending on the growth rate. If it’s not possible to set aside time at home then a professional pedicure could be good option.

Calluses removal: Calluses are nothing but dead or dry skin. Calluses can be filed off or soaked away in warm with loofah. They appear usually in the areas that turn rough due to maximum contact with the ground surface. These are most heels, pads and small toes. It commonly occurs in those who walk barefoot, do a lot of walking or running. Some people also develop blisters, corns or plantar’s warts and these can be treated with over the counter medicines.

Polishing the toe nails: Polishing the nails makes them look beautiful as wells as prevents them from splitting or cracking. The general trend is to match the polish with the outfit or fingernails and lipstick. But those who don’t like color could go for clear coat polish to protect their nails. At least two coats of whatever polish is used should be applied to prevent them from chipping.

Treating Fungus: Signs of toe nail fungus are chipped, pitted or yellow toe nails. There are many ways to treat them. The popular one is to cover the toe with petroleum jelly and wrap it in a bandage for a few days. The other option is to apply a doctor prescribed anti-fungal cream. But these cream at times months to cure them. If the infection is severe, the toe nails may have to be removed.  Athlete’s foot is also a commonly occurring fungal disorder.

Keeping the foot moisturized: A good way to keep the feet moisturized is to have showers or baths frequently. It would make the feet look, feel and smell good. The feet should be washed with soap and water and rinsed. A towel should be used to dry them and remove the excess moisture. Those who are diabetic should give special attention to sores or irritation and ensure that they heal in time. Suddenly appearing moles could be signs of melanoma or skin cancer and should be checked with the dermatologist.

The feet could be decorated with toe rings, anklets and pretty shoes etc and add glamour to the image.