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Nov 282010

An empty mind is devil’s workshop. You know that, we all know that. Today loneliness is one of the main problems faced by women. Most of the married women get bored if they have lot of free time after all the works inside home. Not only married women, women who do not have any business other than the work of home also get bored in their free time. Chatting with friends and other means of entertainment are some of the ideas to get rid of this. However, they have to think of profitable ideas.

One of the ideas which most of the women can follow is to start teaching surrounding kids at home. Taking tuitions at home can get rid of the boring hours. This idea could also make some profit. The only way to improve the knowledge is to give knowledge to others. If you are a well-educated person, you have to teach others. Many well-educated women became just a homemaker after marriage, they do not like to go for a job or their husbands do not let them go. Taking tuitions at home will make you a teacher and it will give you a lot of fun, dignity, social status and money too.

How to take tuitions ?

To start tuition at home you have to decide the subjects and standards that you could teach. Then prepare a suitable place to take the classes for kids. You can choose a room inside the home or the car porch and you have to make it ready with some benches or chairs and tables. Then you have to fix an amount as the fees. Before fixing the amount of fees, you have to know the rate of other teachers in your surroundings. In the beginning, try to fix a low rate, which you can increase later. Then you have to give a good publicity for your classes.

Try speaking to your neighbors and friends about your tuition class and ask them to pass the message to the students who are searching for tuition teachers. Ask the students which you know, to bring some students to the class. After you get some students, choose the suitable time for the classes. Try to select the hours that are suitable for both the students and the teacher.

After you start the classes, it is your duty to make the students study well. Work hard to make all the students pass the exams with good marks.  Taking tuitions will decrease the problems, which people face during loneliness. So take tuitions at home, decrease the stress and earn some money.