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Jul 142011

A baby learns even in womb. Don’t be surprised, it’s true. It is scientifically proved that after third month of pregnancy, fetus in womb can recognize sound, light, stimuli, smell etc. Teaching can help the baby to recognize, light, sound, smell etc. But how? Here teaching is not like teaching a baby. Here are some suggestions to talk and teach an unborn baby in womb:

Talk to the baby. Yes it’s amazing but the baby listen what you talk with. Mother can communicate with the baby in womb. Put your hand on your tummy and tell something like talking a normal baby. The baby will listen to it. Though will not respond in early stage but after sixth month, will respond too. You can feel movement. Talking with father of the baby or other family members will also give a good result. The baby in the womb, learn to recognize different voices and after birth, being familiar with different voices, will not feel difficulty in adjusting. Thus senses of voice will develop even before birth.

Mother sings lullaby for baby. But lullaby can affect an unborn baby too. Feeling of a lullaby reaches to the baby in womb. Father of the baby and other family members can also help in teaching the unborn baby. Read out some moral stories, children stories, comics in animated voice, to the mother. Father should spend some joyful moments talking with the mother of the baby. How the mother feels or thinks affect the developing senses of the baby. That’s why a pregnant lady is always suggested to feel good, positive and be cheerful. It will be foundation for the feeling of love and security.

Music is a proven stimulation. Make environment as if to teach a baby, calm quiet and clear. Sit down either on chair or on bed, where feel comfortable, and play a soft and melodious music near your stomach, you can feel stimuli, the baby will start moving around. Apart from these the baby will be familiar to domestic noises naturally. Like- sound of utensils, call bell, mixer, fan, cycle, car etc will make outside environment familiar to the baby in womb.

Light also affects baby in the womb. Put the light on, the baby inside will start crawling as if responding to it.

The  next  thing  which affect the baby in womb is flavor or fragrance. Incense stick or room spray of hard flavor should not be used when you are pregnant. The baby in the womb likes Light room spray, flavors of fresh flowers.

Pungent or hard smell of food item affects the baby. The flavor or taste of different food items which the mother has consumed reaches the baby through amniotic fluid. The baby tastes the amniotic fluid. So as many varieties of food item the mother will take, the baby will be familiar to it. But avoid strictly consuming alcohol and smoking, even passive smoking.

In this way we can help in developing the senses of baby in the womb.