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Feb 232011

During different stages of pregnancy vast hormonal changes take place in body of a woman and different hormones are released by the body. These are necessary for the growth and well being of the foetus developing in your womb.  After a fixed period birth takes place and the baby becomes your most precious possession and gift in life.

For the well being of the foetus, it is necessary for the mother to maintain good health during pregnancy. It is essential that she takes proper and balanced diet and also medicines as prescribed by the attending doctor. It is also essential to stay away from certain things which are health hazards both for the child and the mother.

Smoking is one of the many things which a pregnant mother should quit immediately when she comes to know of the pregnancy. Research has proved beyond doubt that caffeine and carbon monoxide content present in the smoke inhaled with every puff contracts the blood vessels. It reduces the flow of oxygen to the foetus through the umbilical cord supplying necessary inputs to the child. The child born to mothers smoking heavily is likely to have certain birth defects which cannot be cured throughout life.

Alcohol is another thing which heavily affects the unborn foetus. Alcohol when consumed goes directly in the blood stream. From the blood stream it enters the amniotic sack through the umbilical cord. Consider the effect alcohol has on fully grown up human beings who tend to lose control on their muscular and nervous system. One can easily understand the affect on the child whose body is flooded with alcohol. It takes about an hour or so for alcohol to break up by the action of liver after the mother stops drinking. Children produced by alcoholic mothers may be affected throughout life. They have alcoholic syndrome which are often fatal.

Consumption of drugs also has adverse affect on the developing child. Drugs directly affect the nervous system and often the brain stops sending signals to the body which necessary for life. When the mother consumes drugs the child directly gets the share. Children produced by drug consuming mother are likely to be born with damaged brain. In many cases still born child may be born.

Caffeine present in tea, coffee and soda drinks is also harmful for the child. So is the effect of fumes of paint which contain arsenic. Children born to mothers working in fields and exposed to pesticides are born with deformities.

Junk foods should be avoided as far as possible, as this is highly unhealthy for the baby in the womb.

Very long time working or sitting for long hours at computer must be avoided during pregnancy. If the job is necessary, small breaks should be taken during work to avoid any problem.

Heavy exercises or weight lifting kind of workout are prohibited during pregnancy. Though light exercises, yoga, and meditation are good for the development of baby.