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Oct 132010

Marriage is synonymous with expectations, sacrifices and adjustments. It is true that when two people get married they immediately begin expecting each other to be understanding and cooperative without realizing that they belong to different families, bringing up and environment. It is true that time is the biggest healer which teaches both a husband and wife the art of living together happily.

Here are some of the points that could be of great help for maintaining sound husband wife relations at home. These tips have to be followed thinking positively about your relationship to work, to improve and you will be shocked at how they will solve your worst issues with ease and expertise.

Be sure of telling your spouse how much you love him or her every single day and respect each others sentiments. It is true that love is to be felt more than said or heard but researchers often say that speaking the three words “I Love You”, makes a whole lot of difference to any relationship. Mere saying the aforementioned words would bring you closer within no time at all, taking away all your pains and problems forever.

This may sound really formal or funny to many, but using the words “Please” and “Thank you” works wonders. All you need to do is begin your life with these golden words and see how they touch your life like “Midas” and turn it into Gold very soon. You have to believe that loving in words is required for you to let your partner know how much you care so why deprive him of all the affection then.

Immediately stop demanding and expecting from each other. Take it that you do not have to depend upon each other or expect anything big or small from your spouse. Just do whatever you are supposed to in a relationship and all the rest will fall back in place on its own.

Remember, never talk negatively about each others parents or relatives. Also, always avoid discussing each others old relationships if any. This can spoil both of your relationship for ever.

Being bossy and authoritative with each other never helps so don’t even try doing all that. In fact, try acting like a friend who wishes you on your birthday brings lovely gifts for you and tries to do all the good for you come what may. The whole idea is to first know each other and then act which comes with time and after a lot of patience. It is true that marriage is a gamble like what many reckon and say. But if you know your cards well and also how to play the game, you are definitely a winner!