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May 092011

The skin of a person at every age needs proper care to enable it to look young and healthy. This is required more if during earlier years we have not taken proper care. As we get mature, the capacity of skin to produce new cells decreases. With mature age the level of stress in a person also increases which is not good for skin. The layer of fat under the skin begins to deplete making it loose and sometimes lumpy.

In addition to the natural causes described above, the skin gets affected by exposure to sun rays and pollution. As a result of this the pores tend to enlarge and freckles and sun spots are developed on the skin. It loses moisture and elasticity resulting in development of wrinkles and roughness. Formulations for correction of these are available in stores. Some important mature skin care tips are follows:

For mature skin care routine, it is essential to take care of your diet. The diet should be balanced and comprise of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Whatever you eat should be rich in vitamins. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a part of every meal. Eat as much salad as possible and add some nuts to your daily diet. As the capacity of the body to absorb vitamins and minerals decreases, supplements in the form of pills also become necessary.

While selecting skin care products, the aim should be to select the products which provide moisture to the skin and are free from harsh chemicals. They should contain necessary minerals and vitamins. For proper care it is necessary to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. This will help growth of new cells and will also open pores and enable the skin care products to go deep and heal the damages caused to the skin. If you smoke it is essential to quit smoking or at least to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. Smoking contract veins and reduces supply of blood and oxygen to the cells.

Ultraviolet rays affect the skin of any individual of any age, but in mature age, the resistance level of the skin against these rays decreases. It becomes necessary to put on sunscreen lotion as you grow old. This will provide protection to the exposed parts of the body. These can be cause of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can also result in cancer.

Body massage using some natural oil will be of a great help to fight against aging and protect mature skin. With massage the pores will open up and blood circulation will increase. Consequently the oxygen supply will increase and will result in healthier skin. Do not forget to take oral supplements as prescribed by your doctor. This is necessary as we grow old.