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May 092011

If you see sagging skin, facial lines and bags under the eyes in the mirror, you know that age has caught up with you. Then you start looking for ways and means to get rid of them. You may think that getting cosmetic surgery done will solve your problem for all times but that is not true. The effect shows for a few years and then, as your skin ages further, you are a candidate for surgical intervention ones again.

Surgery is a complicated process which is accompanied by risk of side effects. A lot of care has to be taken post surgery. The cost involved is substantial especially if surgery has to be repeated. It is better to go in for natural, non-surgical ways of face lift in order to overcome the problems associated with surgery.

It is never too early to begin caring for your skin, so you should start a skin care regime as early as possible. This will pay you rich dividends in the form of a glowing, blemish free skin well into your mature years as it will delay the signs of age showing on your skin.

What you need to do is to wash your face two to three times a day. Use a soap free face wash in the morning. For consequent cleaning wash your hands with soap but wash your face with plain water only. This will prevent oil being stripped off from your face. At night use a good quality cleanser to remove makeup. Thereafter apply a good night cream.

Use a cream meant for the eyes under your eyes. Choose your creams carefully and then stick to the ones that suit you. Do not keep changing what you apply on your face as that may harm your skin. Pay attention to what you eat. Include a good amount of green vegetables and fresh fruit in your diet. This will give you proper nourishment in a natural form and you will not have to depend on artificial supplements. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day.

Facial exercises can be used for non surgical face lift and will help to get rid of wrinkles. They are performed using the finger tips to activate acupressure points. Some natural moisturiser or organic cream can be used to facilitate the massage. For the first thirty days they must be done daily and thereafter two to three times a week. It hardly takes about twenty minutes once you have learnt the exercises.

Upward facial massage is one of the most effective way to lift facial skin. This should be done daily for few minutes, otherwise twice or three times a week will give significant results. The blood flow in the skin is stimulated by the facial exercises, adding a healthy color to it. They focus on the parts which build up the muscle fibre which help the tightening of skin. The point midway between hairline and top of the eyebrow is the point for removing lines on the forehead. Similarly there are exercises for all parts of the face. These exercises must be learnt properly from a practitioner.