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May 182011

In the earlier days nails were painted in single color, may be pink or red and the nails were shaped like an oval. Then came the browns, greens and blues. Nails were painted all the colors of the rainbow to match mood, occasion and clothes. They were dressed up with glitter.

Now nail art has come into its own. There are special nail salons and even in conventional beauty parlors, there is a separate nail section. Beauticians have special training in various manicure techniques and ways to beautify nails. More than one color is used to paint nails and they are enhanced with stones, beads and various motifs which are fixed on the nails with adhesives.

No two individuals have the same pattern or color of nail paint. For the adventurous each of the nails may be painted differently, have different motif and may even be adorned differently. It depends upon individual taste. Some of these patterns are quite interesting and unique. You must not think that these are not for you and must give it a try.

One thing that may stop you right in your tracks is the cost of visiting a beauty parlour for the express purpose of getting your nails painted. As it is, you have to pay for a host of beauty services. What you can do is to paint your nails at home in this new fashion. It is quite easy once you know how to go about it and it does not cost much either.

A polka dot motif is an interesting and popular motif. It can be made without much practice and you can create a multitude of designs. You can make the pattern on the whole nail, or part of the nail, or just at the tips of the nail. It will look good with every style of clothing. Here is how to do the needful.

  • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Shape your nails by using a nail cutter and smoothen the edges using a nail file. Now-a-days square shaped nails are in.
  • Select two to three colors of nail paint e.g. a glittery transparent color and a dark maroon or blue.
  • Apply the glittery nail paint to the whole nail. Let it dry completely.
  • Take a tooth pick or cotton bud. Dip it into the maroon coloured nail polish and make a pattern of polka dots on your nails. Repeat the process with the blue color and add to the pattern already made or make a new one on another nail.
  • Be creative according to your liking. Allow different color nail paint to dry before using the second color.